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From the bottom to the top by BroJoe2015 From the bottom to the top by BroJoe2015
Brandon, being an 18 year old white boy, had a thing for cheerleaders, especially when they wore their tops and skirts that left little to the imagination. He was 5'10" and had short brown hair. His frame was built like a linebacker, but he didn't want to play football. So he tried out to be a male cheerleader, allowing him to be able to get closer to the "action."

He made the tryouts and was given a blue and white uniform for the school colors. He and the six other guys were told to practice lifting hundred pounds of weight over their heads as if they were holding up the girls for the games and competitions. They all went to the weight room after school for half an hour then went to the field to practice lifting the girls.

Brandon was assigned to one girl named Ali, who was a smoking hot blonde and petite, and they hit it off a week later. She was 17 and stood around 5'4". What he didn't know was that it was a setup from the entire cheer squad because they knew his secret for actually joining the team. They guys on the squad had the most upright respect for the girls, and they told the girls his plans.

Ali's parents had taught her a little magic because her mom is a witch and her dad is warlock; she told them about Brandon, and they all thought he should be given a lesson on manners. So they experimented on absorbing potions mixed with transforming potions. This took about a month, but once they got a successful combination potion that was permanent, they decided to test it on a rabbit. They poured the potion on top of a piece of lettuce and fed the rabbit while Ali's mom sipped a little bit of the potion. Once both the rabbit and her mom finished their potions, her mom kissed the rabbit's head while thinking of a small blue bird. The rabbit transformed into the bird as her mom gained slightly larger breasts and her hair turned from brown to silver white.

Now it was Brandon's turn to be transformed. Ali informed her squad members and took him home that Friday after practice. Her parents had a "business trip to attend to," and left the house for the night to the next town over at a spa resort. Ali emptied the potion into cups and filled the rest with lemonade to hind the potion.

They watched a movie, and they finished their drinks midway through it. When the movie was over, Ali said that she wanted to cuddle and kiss in her bed. They went to her room and started kissing well before they made it to the bed. She was thinking of a sexy lady with long brown hair that stood at 5'6" and was lightly tanned. As she thought this, she absorbed what Brandon's body couldn't hold anymore, allowing her to grow to 5'8" and gain a cup size from an A to a B.

Brandon shrunk down to the height of what Ali thought, he lost his dick, and grew C cups. The new woman's hair grew slightly below her boobs. Her mass of linebacker build slimed down to a toned and slender abed, rounded butt, and curvy body. When she was still Brandon, she tried to pull away from Ali because her was feeling the pain of her transformation, but as she changed she got weaker whereas Ali got stronger as she grew and held Brandon tightly against her body.

As soon as the transformation was completed, Ali let go and pushed the now Breonna onto her bed, saying, "You got what you deserve for looking up our skirts and down our tops. You wanted to some so badly, now you are what you wanted. Don't worry, nobody will miss you. My parents are going to hypnotize your parents to thinking that they always had a daughter tomorrow and on Monday they are going to meet with your teachers and the school staff to do the same thing and change your documents to what you are now."

"Why?! I wasn't hurting anyone!" Screamed the now sexy voiced Breonna.

"Oh you did, you made all of us girls on the team uncomfortable. Now sit back as I work my hypnosis spell on you to become my bisexual girlfriend that likes to have fun with our hunky, nerdy boyfriend, Robert. That's right, all those days you thought you were the only one I was with, I had Robert as a boyfriend for two years. He was totally onboard with this; as matter of fact he's on his way over now to hold you down."

"NOOO!!" Bre screamed as she tried to get away, but as soon as she opened the door to the house, Robert was there to take her back inside.

They first struggled to hold her down, but once they got her to open her eyes after they tied her to the bed by her hands and feet, she was all their's. That was October were the magic was strongest for witches and warlocks, now its May and they are getting ready for the state cheerleading competition were Bre stood on top of the guy cheerleaders' hands. They were second in the state last year, but they worked harder to get the number one spot this year. Bre promised Ali and Robert that she was going to work hard at the comp, and later work hard at Robert's house in the evening after they win.
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BroJoe2015 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Student General Artist
Hahaha, wow. That good of a story?
McCaler Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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